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Mid Mod Mike

Mid-Century Ship Original Painting

Mid-Century Ship Original Painting

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As you listen to this song “Around The World”and view the painting of merchant boats in the harbor, would you ever guess the same artist created both?! The glamorous 70s! You could do and be anything!

A beautiful & bright painting of three boats in the harbor. The brilliant oranges and yellows contrast perfectly with the blacks and browns of the boats! Authentic original 1971 oil painting by Ed Doorenbos! 27.5” L x 19.25” H x 1.75” D. In fabulous vintage condition! One tiny stain on the cloth near signature.

Eddy Doorenbos (December 28, 1921 – March 25, 2013) was a Dutch singer , bassist , guitarist , pianist , composer , lyricist , painter and entertainer . - via Wikipedia

Eddy seems like he was quite the character, a Dutch renaissance man! You can find his album on Spotify!

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